Thursday, February 9, 2017

Follow up

I've been pondering who the alcoholics are in my last post.  Blacks, obviously, since the Left--which consists in large measure in white kids (and the "adults" they become biologically) who grew up in comfortable homes and relative affluence--presumes to speak for them, but never does anything which actually HELPS them.  And for their part, many blacks continue to vote Democrat, in a never ending acquiescence to being hustled again and again.

But more generally, the people codependent people logically flock to are those who they can claim most need them, who are most marginalized.  As I was reading today, Muslims seem to be the new in-group, despite the fact that Muslims themselves are racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and like to kill gays.  This doesn't matter.  A grand cause has been found, a mass movement, someone NEEDS US, the Left cries.

All of this is grotesquely pathological and psychologically unhealthy.  To call it unprincipled would be too generous, since the very concept of a consistently applied principle other than Us/Them eroded decades ago.

Basically the Left as it is evolving consists in fuck ups, people who are not American, people who hate us, and dysfunctional, mainly white, people whose sole source of meaning in life comes from knowing there are people out there they can "stand up for", even if those people are bad people, and even if they don't actually need that "help".

Ponder this analogy. I  think it has a lot of psychological merit, and explains a lot.

And consider too that the politics that flow from this mindset are purely emotionally driven, and have NOTHING to do with improving any human life, lightening any real burden, with genuine tolerance or compassion, and that the whole thing is dripping with self loathing and following hatred of everyone else and the world.

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