Wednesday, February 8, 2017


If 1% of the population of any given area showed up to any protest, it would be massive.  If 10,000 people showed up to a protest in an area with a million people, that would be huge.  America has about 300 million people.  That means if 300,000 people show up in Washington that is 1/10th of 1% percent of the population, or one person in one thousand.

Now, the AIM of the left wing fascists is to make it APPEAR there is a broad coalition of people opposed to Trump.  If one person in one thousand shows up to a protest, it LOOKS like a lot of people.

But the truth seems to be that roughly 57% of the population are active Trump supporters, and a sizeable number of the remaining people not lunatics.  But the lunatics want policy to be based on the perception they create because they are loud, aggressive, everywhere (living with your parents frees up a lot of time), and demanding.

Only a fucking moron--and I am speaking to our elected officials--would fail to grasp from the movement to the right that began in 2010, with widespread opposition to Obamacare, and has only continued to gather steam, that THEY KEEP THEIR JOBS ONLY IF THEY IGNORE THE LUNATICS.  The Democrats have lost 1,000 seats, and continue to double down on the same strategy.

It doesn't matter what happens at town halls. It doesn't matter what mail campaigns or protests or anything else they do.  They are a decided minority, most Americans hate them, and as should be obvious you only encourage bullies when they get what they want.

Fuck them.

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