Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How do you eat a monster?

One bite at a time.

This popped into my head. Metaphorically, it would refer to pendulation and titration.

But then I wondered if this might be a root of cannibalism, if the unwanted, inaccessible trauma is projected onto a hated Other, and then ritually fed to the digestive system, which is where trauma hides.  The trauma feeds itself, and in so doing is pacified for a time.

Is a Doppelganger you, but with access to your hidden trauma?  The You you don't want to see, can't see.  The real truth?  A monster "out there" psychologically?

And would eating babies not be a logical solution for people whose "monster" is Developmental Trauma, trauma they can't begin to remember, but which dogs them all the days of their lives?  Would it not seem obvious that the root of Satanism is Developmental Trauma?  That baby IS the monster, made flesh, for such people.  It connects them to their own deepest mythic--which in this case is to say emotional--reality.

And how would rituals such as the sacrifice of children, as has happened in many cultures such as Carthage, perpetuate?  Would not fucked up parents create fucked up kids, to whom all this makes perfect sense?  Would not this fucked-up-ness be very easy to perpetuate?

I will repeat my core intuition that some of the most wealthy families on Earth screw up their children on purpose, and have for many generations.

I think there are some very important insights here.  You're welcome.

Actually, I will add on the positive side of the ledger a story I read yesterday, where supposedly in some Indian tribe the babies birthday is dated to when the mother got the idea of having the child, and set aside quiet time to hear the "song' of her future child, which is to say to feel the quality of its unique self, which she obviously cared for, and which then became a healthy, happy, well adapted and peaceful adult, who then fathered or mothered more such children.

We have choices in this life.  But all choices involve perception.  What is called "creativity" is simply picking from among the infinite unrealized possibilities in this life, and bringing them into concrete being.  Every creative act necessarily leaves an infinity behind.  This means we are all infinitely wealthy in the ways that matter.  That is a positive thought.  Look at me: I'm channeling Tigger rather than Eeyore, after writing what I just wrote.

LOL.  Seriously.  I'm a nut, but I find my madness congenial.

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