Saturday, February 18, 2017


I have made this a sort of running joke.  The complicit media continues to fail to grasp the implications of the fact they did their VERY BEST to ensure Trump did not get elected, but that he still got elected.  This means that their VERY BEST, now, is unlikely to achieve any other result.  They make mountains of mole-hills.  They lie when the story isn't good enough, and when there isn't a story that makes Trump look bad, they simply make it up out of whole cloth.  They are skilled tailors.

But the American people get this.  They have demonstrated it time and time again, and most importantly on November 8th, when the media had Hillary a virtually lock on winning the Presidency.  If I am reading the polling data right, the whole manufactured Flynn controversy--which as I have argued should actually HELP Trump in the long run--seems to have caused Trump's numbers to go UP, not down.

The media has had American politicians on a leash for such a long time, they don't know what to do when somebody just ignores them.  They can't argue the facts, and like long term addicts, they can't break away from the habit of lying.

Thus, when I say 'IT'S TRUMPS WORST WEEK EVER.  AGAIN!!!"   I am mocking them, and their dishonest and dishonorable efforts to prevent honest and genuinely useful policy from being implemented to help actual Americans, and to defend common sense and common decency.

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