Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I thought I would do my small part to spread awareness of the plight of a badass women currently, apparently, incarcerated by the fucking Danes because violence, even in a great, noble cause, scares them, because they are pussies (no insult intended to this woman who has much bigger balls than I ever will):

Now, I want to be clear that in Scandinavia, and much of Europe generally, there is this fairy tale thinking that violence, and bad things generally, can be kept at bay with wishful thinking.  Joanna Palani (by the way, Joanna, I am single) makes that thinking unsustainable, with her tales of grotesque violence, and the solving of that violence through added violence.  Peace through markswomenship, we might call it.   Men with holes in their head are always ex-rapists.

Free Joanna Palani, you cowardly douchebags.

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