Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nixon and Trump

I will remind any readers I may have, that Nixon formed "the Plumbers" to find and stop leaks, which were, if memory serves, among other things sabotaging his efforts to negotiate an end to the Vietnam War.  Watergate was an unauthorized operation, conducted by men who were nonetheless connected to Nixon.

But those times and these are very different.  Nixon had to face a Democrat run Congress.  He was facing continual protests over the Vietnam War.  And even though there were many silent conservatives, there was no honest conservative media.  Everyone was against Nixon, against the war, and eager to crucify him any way they could.

Now, obviously Trump faces that same sort of animus, but the American people have lost faith in our media.  They just put him in office in a defiant "fuck you" to CNN, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and all the rest.  We have his back.  We gave him a Republican Congress, and gave Republicans a clear majority of the governorships and legislatures.

Conservatism--true Liberalism--is rising.  It is ascendant.  FDR's Democrats are dead, and everyone knows it.  The street thugs attacking Trump supporters cannot claim to stand for anything.  Despite all the noise and shouting, good ideas are surging forth everywhere and cannot be suppressed forever.

Trump has some huge battles to fight, but he has the tools and the support he needs to win them.

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