Saturday, February 25, 2017


How long would you be willing to work hard for nothing?  How long would you be willing to work AT ALL for nothing?  How about for CLOSE to nothing?

Legally, corporations are people.  I have talked about why this is one of the smartest legal innovations in human history, because it fosters innovation and risk which otherwise would not happen.

But think about it: if the government takes their money in the form of taxes, and regulatory burdens that amount to taxes, how long will they pursue what they do with enthusiasm?

How much sense does it make to say "the institutions that employ most Americans and provide them with income are the root cause of the problems in this country, and the solution is to put the people who take money from those job creating institutions in charge of everything, and make them larger and more difficult to deal with."?

The iPhone was invented--or at least mass produced--for profit.  So was the telephone.  So was the power grid.  So was the automobile.

Socialism and its allegedly "scientific", more perfect offspring Communism, is based upon the idea that if we eliminate all psychologically normal motivations and replace them with coercion, everyone will be happier.

It really is that dumb.  And that lunacy, and stupidity, and evil, is on display in the wreckage of the 20th century, and the hellholes which still employ this logic, like Cuba and North Korea.

For their parts, China and India finally granted that nobody wants to work for nothing.  That is what slaves do, and they only work because if they don't they get whipped and starved.

Whipping and starving: these are the two cornerstones of modern "Liberalism", as it is pleased to disingenuously call itself.

If you doubt it, attack Cuba in front of somebody claiming they "increased literacy" (so their propaganda would be more effective), and see how long the pretense of moderation and concern for the common good holds up.

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