Monday, February 13, 2017


I get the image in my mind of the children of the Left seeing making demands as somehow a validation of their importance.  They have gotten used to having the latest idea come down the pike, shouting and screaming and name calling and mouth frothing at everyone who "opposes" it by not immediately supporting it, and getting submission from Republicans and moderate Democrats.  In this are very much like the children who are used to throwing fits to get their way, and who are indulged in their fits by overly generous and codependent mothers.

What is happening is that Trump--and the mass of American people--are not listening.  Within their logic, if screaming and shouting and rolling around on the floor and holding their breath worked in the past, then MORE of the same is what is needed to return to good old days, the status quo ante.

That is all this street demonstration stuff is.

And when I say children, I mean that even the grey haired old hippies who are showing up have failed in the basic task of social maturation, and for a very simple reason: maturity involves accepting the responsibility of playing a role in a larger order, and these people reject that larger order.  They reject the need for adulthood.  They reject the need for personal responsibility.  They reject the things the rest of us hold sacred, and they have nothing firm to replace them with.

Now, I was pondering today the consequences of growing up watching TV commercials, of watching fake people act excited about things they were paid to act excited about.  Every day, you have mediocre schooling, taught by people who are not proud of our culture, and you come home to some form of falseness.  Perhaps you watch TV, perhaps you play video games, perhaps you watch movies: where in any of this is there gravitas, the sacred, something which MATTERS?

It is a real need--the need for struggle and difficulty and sacrifice--which is met poorly by the constant shouting and pouting.

I have spent some years trying to envision a beyond, a future culture which meets our needs, and which is not a slave culture of the sort the globalists have been working to create.  This should properly, I will suggest, be the task of all honest humanitarians and humanists.  It should be the task of genuine Liberals, men and women of honest good will, and those who feel compassion for the many suffering people on this Earth.

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