Saturday, February 4, 2017


I'm the guy rubbing elbows on a normal day with ordinary electricians, pipe-fitters, carpenters and the like.  I think most ordinary people are vastly more intelligent than they are given credit for, and most elites--especially "educated" elites--vastly less intelligent in practical ways than many of them EVER realize, across lifetimes.  Paul Krugman may die as stupid as he is today.  We can hope not, but given a Napoleon complex and a vast ego, it's hard to see how growth could get through his defensive perimeter.

Be that as it may, I wanted to expand on my previous idea, inviting "subalterns" from the ghetto to the White House, from Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, even Washington D.C.  Security is manageable, and it would be a HUGE ego boost for many of them.

And specifically who I would exclude are "black leaders".  They have done nothing in 50 years, and there is little reason to think they will now.  They can be made retroactively relevant, once ideas are proposed and adopted, and "leading" by staying ahead of where everyone is already going is something they well know how to do.

And it occurred to me that inviting COPS, and maybe even prospective employers, to the mix might be interesting.  And beat cops, not the suits.  The cops on the level with the people getting arrested.

When you see riots in the streets what you can assume is missing is dialogue.  The Left no longer dialogues.  It no longer seeks to remedy the sense of unpleasant difference through talking.  Trump can show them, and everyone else, how it is done.  That is the sort of thing he is a master at.

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