Monday, February 20, 2017

The real Trump tragedy

The Kum of Kum Nye is linguistically equivalent to the Buddhist Shunyata, in my understanding, or Void.  Thus it could be translated as "movement in space".  It asks the question where consciousness "is".  Is it here, or there?  Can it be located?

Often we are encouraged to realize--not visualize, but realize--that the boundaries of the sense of the body are porous.  Where we connect with the air is ambiguous.  We know that all matter is mostly space, do we not?  The empirical difference between space occupied by our bodies, and space NOT occupied by our bodies is quite small.  Ponder this a moment.

For my own purposes, the small difference I would draw, though, is that space is FULL, and only slightly more--or perhaps less, which is an interesting thought in itself--full where we are present.

The Void of the Buddhists is, in my considered view, the same as the Quantum Vacuum or Zero Point Field posited by Quantum physicists.  It is a field of nearly infinite energy.  It was used some years ago to DERIVE F=MA, where the field itself constituted the cause of inertia and drag. Perhaps mass itself.  There are a whole lot of things to unpack from this largely ignored, but completely mainstream idea.

But the point I wanted to make is that there is a large Ku which I seem to sometimes swim in.

And what I see is that all these people buying into these lunatic ideas about Trump, those who have been buying into the lunacy of the Left in general, have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.  Their families are cold and disconnected.  Their social experience has been insipid and superficial.  Much of their lives is spent consuming media of various sorts: watching TV and movies, playing video games, listening to music someone else created.  When they are with people, they bring the plastic of the media they consume with them.

How often have you found yourself having conversations which consisted in the main in comparing scenes in movies you both have seen?  How often have you felt, truly felt, deep pain, deep joy, deep connection, deep sadness, a deep sense of purpose?  For far too many of us, rarely or never.

You go by, week by week, month by month, decade by decade, and nothing important is said.  Nothing important happens.  Perhaps you get married to someone you don't really know, because you don't even know yourself.  Perhaps you get divorced for some stupid reason.

Children seem to bring a sense of meaning and purpose to many of us, but so many people in the West and Japan are not having children.

What is there?  A shallow grave in which you eventually root, and a death which merely marks, formally, a long term process of dissolution.

What the Left has long marketed is belonging, membership, passion, purpose.  It is a lunatic cult, which categorically rejects individual growth, nuance, and ideosyncrasy; it rejects, in other words, everything which makes life worthwhile and interesting.  But it offers excitement, the same way sex does.  It offers belonging, the same way cults do.

It is a plastic way of life.  There is nothing authentically human or caring about it.  But it gets you from one side to the other.

Thus, what Trump has REALLY brought into stark relief is the moral and emotional poverty of large segments of the industrialized world.  They no longer speak as human beings.  They no longer recognize reason and proportion.  They no longer possess the capacity to form individual judgments.  Every cultural improvement over the past 4,000 years is lost on them.  They long to return to an era of tribalism, rapine, and cultural solipsism, because they do not know what to do with the gift of awareness, and have rejected a priori the possibility of personal authenticity and growth.

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