Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump's "anti gay sentiments"

One of the odder features of the current hysteria is that as far as I know, there is NOTHING, anywhere in the public record, anywhere in anything he said on the campaign trail, that indicates an anti-gay sentiment.

The "logic" seems to go something like "if Trump opposes illegal immigration, he opposes legal immigration.  If he opposes legal immigration he is a racist, and all racists also hate gay people."  As fucking imbecilic as that sounds, I LITERALLY--and I literally mean literally here, no exaggeration, I am not fucking with you in the slightest--think that is what these people believe.

You ask them: where did Trump say anti-gay stuff?  The exact words may vary, but they will never contain specific language said on a specific date.

And I wonder how many remember his first run for President on the Reform Party ticket?  He was asked about gays then, and he said if they are the best match for the job, they are hired, period, no other questions.  asked.  He doesn't care.  It's not something remotely on his radar.  COMPETENCE is on his radar.

And it literally seems like there is flow chart, in which any attack on any designated "minority" or "oppressed (in the sense Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama are oppressed) is considered an attack on everybody but white people.  Because it is an attack on everybody but white people, it constitutes "white supremacy".  And the solution to "white supremacy" is yelling.  If the first round of yelling and name calling doesn't work, escalate the tone. Yell louder.  Yell more.  Ratchet up the rhetoric so the "white supremacists" become KKK members, then Grand Dragons, then Hitler Lite, then Hitler, then worse than Hitler.  Then their heads explode, and we don't hear from them any more.  But many heads remain regrettably unexploded, so we are still dealing with the Hitler meme, all of which began with mild disagreement with current immigration policies.

No sane, intelligent person can but view these hysterics with anything but contempt.  It is far, far, far, far, beneath the dignity of ANYONE who claims even a rudiment of common sense, erudition, and capacity for measure taking and sound judgment. It is quite literally a mass eruption of grotesque mental illness.

I was thinking today, though, that all this was already below the surface, and it is very, very good that it is being exposed to light now, because it has masqueraded as decency and humanitarianism for far too long.

The fangs are out.  It is ugly, and a little bit scary, but it is OBVIOUS for all to see.  And as I keep saying, even though the media makes it look like there is consensus, the lunatics, in my best estimate, cannot be more than perhaps 10% of the population, and they cannot but be driving people away from them in droves, as people of genuine good will see the vampires, werewolves, and ghouls lurking underneath the assumed angel wings, and priestly gowns.  It has all been a lie, and now it is unmasked as an OBVIOUS lie.  There is no goodness there.   There is no love of humanity, or a pursuit of better ideas.  It is the abode of the demonic, and always has been.

Demons hide many places, but they particularly prefer the dark, and darkness, in turn, loves lies.  Truth, then is both the best offense and the best defense, and we are blessed with a man running this country who tells the truth.

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