Thursday, February 2, 2017

Unity in hate

I read the fascist "anti-fascists" at Berkeley last night were chanting "this is what community looks like", while screaming, dripping hatred and starting bonfires. Could their bullying be any more obviously that of the black and Brown Shirts?

Do you not think the SA and the Italian fascists thought of themselves as s family, as a community of spirit, as the true guardians of decency and everything good?

And ponder this "community" on their own account. Anyone who is white, and not fucked up or poor is automatically excluded unless they hate themselves. These people want to spit on virtually everyone in America, including blacks, women, Hispanics, Muslims and in this case even gays who don't agree with them.

Who can this attract? How can this become a mass movement? Unless you are an articulate gender queer, handicapped Muslim, they don't want to talk to you. It is a coalition of fringe fuck ups, which thinks it can use violence to further its goals. The whole thing reeks of mental illness.

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