Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Useful motto

On the other side of tension waits a friend.

I try to do Pilates every day, at least part of the routine.  I have realized I make excuses to avoid it, and have realized it is because some of the exercises, oddly enough the Rolling one, elicit fear in me.  I contact that rich subterranean river of fear.  I get shivers all over.  It hides in my upper back, particularly.

Now six months ago I would not have allowed myself to feel this.  I would have exhorted myself to "get it done", done it faithfully for 4 days, then given it up for three weeks by making excuses and then forgetting it completely.  This is the truth.

Now, I see what is happening.  And it occurs to me this fear has limits.  It does not go on forever.  I will pass through it.  And having passed through it, I will not only not fear the Pilates, but look forward to it.  It is after all intended to be rejuvenating and relaxing.

I feel good things coming my way.

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