Wednesday, February 22, 2017


As I may have shared at some point, I used to carry a pocket copy of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" with me.  In that era we have now forgotten before smart phones, I would pull it out and read it when I had a few spare minutes.  At the top of all considerations, you need the Way, or Tao.  You need mojo.  It is an indefinable something, but it is quite real.  The Patriots have it. Back in the day, the 49'ers had it.

Trump has it.

But we are looking at a long, long hard slog in the days ahead.  The battle lines are drawn. The enemies of freedom have shown their true colors.  They include all people capable of voting for today's Democrats, and a significant segment of the Republican Party.  What we have seen with the Bill Kristols and the National Review and the Never Trump'ers is that, as is the case with the Left, ideological purity is much more important to them than concrete action, than accomplishment.  They insist on a sort of collegiality with the Left which, at the end of the day, does not allow them to draw any solid or enduring MORAL distinctions between their own ideas and those of the Left.  They would dispute this, of course, but I would say that in practical terms, Trump has done more in a short period to unmask the collectivist and totalitarian agenda of the American Left than they have in 50 years.  Practically, they are irrelevant.  But they still oppose Trump.

And perhaps most importantly, and this is the point of this post, we have what is called "The Deep State".  It is good we are seeing this term appear in orthodox conversations.  They are perhaps the source of all the surface confusion and attack.

But who are they, and what do they want?  Are they homogeneous, or diverse?  Are their aims clear or confused and conflicting?  How could they be identified?

Sun Tzu teaches that any idiot can attack their enemies.  True strategists attack their PLANS.  And if it is true that the Deep State is the real enemy--and it seems that the media is simply one of their tools, even if the most obvious and ubiquitous one--then Trump needs to attack their Way, their plans.

Obviously, this is a foggy group.  But I do have one idea which appeals to me on all levels: take seriously the idea that the power elite engage in systematic pedophilia.  That pizza place in Washington was a nexus of the power elite in our Capital, and something was very definitely wrong there.  Find Anthony Weiner's laptop and find out if it contained what Eric Prince said it contained.  Put a full time task force on the job of finding out if there is any truth to these rumors.  One arrest may lead to another to another to another.

My gut sense is that the wealthiest people on this planet, in general, are sick.  The government of the United States, though, is more powerful, if it is directed properly.

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