Saturday, February 18, 2017

What else is on display

The cowardice and complicity of Republican leadership.  They have been pretending for years that it was only Democrat opposition that prevented them from doing X, Y, and Z.  Let us say, passing a budget.  Better yet, a balanced budget.

But whatever merits Paul Ryan may once have had seem to have vanished when he took power.  He is currently third in line to the Presidency.  I remember him coming off as an honest policy wonk, the guy with a plan, the guy who could balance the budget and prevent fiscal ruin.  Where is that guy now?

So, in total, what stands exposed under the Klieg lights Trump brought to Washington is a SYSTEM which makes continuous excuses, but which has run out of excuses.  There is nothing left but the pathetic truths of complicity in crime, apathy, cynical grandstanding with no sincerity, and covert sympathy for the indefensible positions of the Democrats.

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