Monday, February 20, 2017

What would be intelligent

Would be using this whole Milo fiasco to LEARN.  Who is he, really?  What do his experiences say about homosexuality generally?  What unspoken truths about the process of becoming gay can we put into the public domain?  There are some obvious stories here which might be illuminating, if the bastards trying to crucify him had the capacity to listen and learn.

Removing people from discussions is, in my own view, disgusting, especially if they are thoughtful, and capable of expressing themselves.

How the fuck do you learn when you lock people out?  Who wants to confine what they are pleased to call a "conversation" to like-minded people?  Idiots.  That is who.  Determined idiots, who want to remain that way.

In my own world, it is perfectly OK to criticize people, but if you think throwing them into the pit is an interesting, clever, or effective solution, then you are my enemy. Engage with them.  Insult them if you need to, but listen to their responses.  Solve problems.  Hear the songs of human diversity and difference, even if they repulse you.

And fuck you National Review, on general principle.  Fucking Quislings, you sacks of shit.  You are worse than the Left.  We expect them to betray us.  That is who they are, and do not claim to be anything else. I really hope your publication fails badly.

Perhaps, I should say MORE. I'm not sure where it stands, since I haven't read an NR article in at least six months.

I remember staying after school in high school to read that magazine.  I loved it.  But blue bloods can be traitors too, can't they?  

There is this swirling mix all of us must confront daily, if we are honest.  I don't know where it is going.  I know that Donald Trump is a very disciplined and determined human being, and he seems to be surrounding himself with people like himself.

I will offer one thought exercise: if you lost power for a week, how much of the news could possible affect you directly?  Does the Education Secretary really make a difference?  Trumps comments on Sweden?  Whatever the other fucking manufactured controversy de jour is?  No: it has no impact on your life.  You would have no way of knowing, even if Trump decided to fuck Melania on the White House lawn.  Everything you know, and thus everything you are reacting to, is funneled to you second, third, or fourth hand.  It does not affect the smell of freshly mown grass, the beauty of snow, the formation of clouds, or the course of a day not lived in abstraction and distraction.

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