Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Who watches the watchers?

What do you do when the people with the most information, the most ability to wield covert influence, and the most to lose from transparency are working against you?

I would say a purge.  Trump is the CEO of American Government, Inc., and he can fire as many people as he wants.  I would start building background papers on everybody even close to the leaks, start prosecuting people, and start firing people he just doesn't trust.

This is a serious game.  By explicity intention of the law, the CIA is not allowed to work in the United States, but when the Director is weighing in on domestic political matters, he IS working in the United States.  And that is not counting people down the line simply calling up reporters and leaking anything and everything embarrassing they can find, regardless of its effect on national security.

The Romans punished disloyalty and cowardice by decimations.  At times entire legions were ended and folded into other legions without those scars of defeat, cowardice, and treason.

Whatever is done, I think it needs to be big, or he dies of a thousand small cuts.

And ponder, too, the loyalties of those who would oppose a man like Trump.  He is not wanting anything more or less than a safe nation, a healthy economy, freedom for all, and a fair shake for all.  Who opposes an agenda like that?  Could anyone who genuinely loves this country oppose that agenda?  Yes, I get that the media portrays him as Hitler, but these people are not that stupid.  That is epic stupid.

No: these people have likely been sabotaging American interests in the pursuit of global government for decades now.  As I keep pointing out, the CIA DIRECTOR was a Communist in the immediate aftermath of the Vietnam War, after the North broke every treaty is signed, invaded the South, and began a campaign of mass murder, forced collectivization, psychological torture camps, and property confiscation.

If he could be a Communist then, what would have changed since then?  And if he kept getting promoted, can we not assume that many more thought like him?

Maybe we need to end the CIA.  Eradicate it.  Expand the DIA, or form something new from scratch.

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