Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why it matters if China owns our movie theaters

http://www.bitterharvestfilm.com/.  Quite obviously, they can choose not to show this movie, or any in the future which tell the truth about their horrific system.

Mao had his own version of this.  And his version was actually a bit worse, in that he was too fucking stupid to believe that tens of millions of people were dying, and because much of it was the result of his ignorant meddling, based on pseudo-scientific bullshit, in practices which had worked for thousands of years. He kept accusing the farmers of hiding grain under their houses.  But no, they were eating their neighbors children, and their neighbors were eating theirs.

The true story of Communism is much more disgusting, much more stomach turning, than the worst of the Nazi atrocities.  The Nazis killed people on purpose, because they loathed them. The Communists killed people out of their own psychopathic need.  And they kill people to this very day for the crime of not believing that their poverty, unfreedom and misery is anything but a utopian dream.

Put another way, within their own paradigm, the Nazis were rational. Their "science" taught them that Jews were inferior and that Germans were meant to rule the world.  Everything they did served this purpose.

Communists, in contrast, talk continually about justice, and peace, and progress and prosperity, all while destroying any hope of any of them.  They are lunatics, without any saving graces.

Nazism, at least, would have worked for the Germans, and those they saw as kin. Communism kills without hesitation, reservation, or scruple EVERYTHING in its path, all while declaiming its virtues to tortured souls forced to endure a world of continual lies.  It is the purest form of evil extant on this planet.

It is literally like 2/3rd's of the academics, at least in the Humanities, are preaching a more or less pure form of Satanism.

I would add as well that the Nazis recognized early on the propaganda power of film, as did the Soviets.  Anyone in a position to influence our films is in a position to influence our culture.

And self evidently, the deluded lunatics in Hollywood are only too happy to help them in their global war on common sense standards of decency, on the Golden Rule, and on the very possibility of sanity.  Darkness is their vision.  That is why they call Trump "dark": because he offers the possibility of light, and this they cannot stand, and as always, they accuse their enemies of their own vices and own intentions.

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