Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Actual privilege

It is a necessity, given their atheistic and materialistic, Marxist bias, but modern Leftists invariably conflate "privilege" with, in effect, economic privilege, of which "class" or race privilege is supposed to be an expression.

Yet, the real gap is between children born into happy homes, and those born into miserable ones; and between those born into happy cultures, which retain a robust and spontaneous sense of connection, which dance and sing and tell stories by the firelight, and those like our own which force people into lonely boxes.

Where in Leftist discourse is there any native sense of the actual possibilities of human life?  They naively assume that if they attack what they term bad, that something better will spontaneously emerge, but why would this be so?  They use the abstraction of our culture to attack our culture, and in so doing reinforce what is worst about it, and attack what is best, which is to say that which was produced THROUGH abstraction, but which created the realities of human rights and economic wealth.

The logic of the Left is not dance, but the machine; violence, not love.

One could with justice point to the very real emotional disadvantages which often attend being born into poverty and a home missing a parent, and a home missing emotionally nurturing adults.

But, because they cannot imagine solutions--only violence--the Left refuses to go there.

Ponder what one can or should expect from people who deduct from all their equations all emotional realities except those of anger and grievance directed at people who bear no responsibility for actual harms.

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