Thursday, March 9, 2017

CIA, Fascinating possibility

It seems obvious that the Russians had nothing to do with WikiLeaks.  Assange says they didn't, and multiple US intelligence professionals have come forward with the more credible story that American intelligence agents hacked Podesta themselves, because for more reasons than I can or will recount here, they hated and feared her, and all the ideas and people she represented and represents.

BUT, what if the Russians DID hack the CIA, and WERE the source of the Vault 7 leaks?  That, to me, would be a game very well played.

They can't outspend us, but since, particularly under Obama, we were not smart, there is no reason to think they could not outfox us.  They ran circles around us in the Cold War, and only lost because Communism is an inherently malicious and ineffective creed, politically and economically.

I am no friend of Putin, but I am likewise no friend of war, the global elite, or policy which is contrary to America's interests. I am a friend of leaving things and people alone, rather than feeling a continual compulsion to shape them to our image, often to the financial benefit of people who will work across lifetimes without ever being known by name to the public, which is often forced to speak in generalities, when they are even that awake.

The Left is the enemy of this nation, here, and around the world.  Ironically, it may be an ex-Communist doing the most to prevent their eventual victory.

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