Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Former NIST employee speaks out on blatant cover-up


NO ONE who studies the data can but conclude that Tower 7, at least, was the subject of a controlled demolition.  I see no wiggle room, no gray area.  Towers 1 and 2, possibly, although even there the preponderance of evidence supports controlled demolition.

But Tower 7 can only have come down in one way.  That this BLATANT FACT was intentionally ignored--and as he points out, these are highly competent people, so that too is the only real possibility--speaks volumes to the state of the American government, and what in recent days has been called the Deep State.

We don't know who these people are.  We don't know what they want.  But they clearly represent an existential threat to freedom, and in my view are our most important and dangerous enemy.

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