Saturday, March 4, 2017

How things have changed

Somebody was reminding me today of how Dana Carvey used to make fun of George Bush.  It was funny.  It was a good impression.  Dana and George were able to talk with each other later and laugh about it.

In the 90's, Hillary and Bill and Harry Reid and others thought it insane that we would offer mass amnesty to people here illegally.

Barack Obama has permanently made politics in this country nastier, or at least for the foreseeable future.  NEVER before, in my recollection, and certainly not in the modern era, has a former President done so much, so soon, so openly not just to sabotage his successor, but start that process while STILL IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

The amount of cynicism on display, the contempt for decency, fair play, standards of behavior, and for tradition is mind-boggling.  Obama continues to show himself as the most contemptible, dishonorable, criminal person ever to disgrace the White House.  He can't let one month elapse.  He was feeding information to Trump's enemies, many of whom remain in the intelligence community, and well positioned for dirty tricks.  Even Nixon never had to contend with such open treasonous behavior.  Back then, at least many intelligence professionals loved this country, or their version of it.  Those days seem to be gone.

It is very late in the day.  Trump needs to stay within the rule of law, but the law breaking is so staggering that this is no practical obstacle at all.

Clearly, records have been destroyed.  All records have custodians.  Those people need to be arrested and put in jail until they testify who gave the orders.  Everywhere in the government, anybody who has altered, destroyed, or concealed the existence of any public records needs to be fired and then criminally prosecuted.  Turn up the heat.

And I continue to believe a decimation would be in order.  A 10% reduction in force, in addition to the firing of all Obama cronies.  Will this hurt performance and morale?  Of course, for a time.  But what is the practical alternative?  Pretending we do not have a massive infestation of traitors?

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