Saturday, March 4, 2017

I am livid

A sitting President had his main political opponent wire-tapped during the General Election.  They have more or less admitted it.

And if you think Obama was not getting briefed on the results, stop reading this fucking blog, and go walk in front of a large bus somewhere and relieve this belabored world of your fucking stupidity. I'm serious: you are a fucking canker on the possibility of intelligence.

Here is the plain and simple truth: something less than half the electorate hates Trump, and something more than half our government hates him.

But over half the electorate--the part that matters--understands FULLY that our system is absolutely broken, and that thousands of heads need to roll, starting as soon as possible.

There is no compromise, and there is no point in pretending that ANYTHING he does will win sympathy from people who want nothing more than to see him shot.

He needs to start criminal investigations IMMEDIATELY on all the laws Obama broke.  Bo Bergdahl and the Iranian deal would be good starts.  He needs to start arresting people for the IRS targeting scandal.  He need to subpoena all public records regarding Fast and Furious.  He needs to get a detailed briefing on the likely arms sold or simply given to what became ISIS and find out what training they received.

Obama needs to spend the next eight years trying to stay out of jail, and at some point, he needs to fail.

Likewise with Hillary.  Why take the high road with that fucking lying cunt?  Throw the book at her.  If Comey won't do his fucking job, find someone who will.

I think it's time to circle the wagons and say "if you aren't with me, you are against me".  It is that simple.

I want to read about mass firings.  I want to read about prosecutions starting at the bottom, then pushing up and up until people start naming big names or go to jail for very long periods of time.

And as far as Obamacare, nobody who benefited from it voted for Trump.  My view now is "fuck them".  They will not come back if the Republicans try to throw them a bone.  Not going to happen.

The people who put Trump in office--and now it is an even BIGGER miracle Trump won--are the ones who suffered and continue to suffer under Obamacare.  Give them what they want.  Nobody else matters.  They will never come back, no matter what.

This is a zero sum game played by amoral savages who hate everything decent about this country, and who ache to bring it to its knees.  There is no compromise.

Now is the time for winning.  Trump is in the Oval Office.  He calls the shots.

Start firing back at these people in the only ways they will understand: the pure use of warranted, legal, power.

And it occurs to me too he needs to start recruiting agents throughout the government, who will tell him about plots to sabotage his policies.

This is fucking Orwellian.   This is the infiltration of the government at the highest level by Fifth Columnists, who are uniformly LUNATICS.  Nothing they want makes sense.  The Nazis were at least rational in wanted to help ordinary Germans.  The fucking Left doesn't even want to do that.  They want fiefdoms, and miserable peasants.  That is an inglorious and horrific vision.

And more than anything, they want moral death.  Not all suicides involve blood.  Most of them happen in silence, and afterwards, the body lives on for a long time.

I was reading about the attacks on Charles Murray, how these ghouls swarmed his car and yanked the hair of his female colleague so hard she was hospitalized, and is this not a literal depiction of a zombie swarm?  I am completely serious.  You have the hate filled eyes, the unthinking violence, and the complete rejection of everything that makes us as humans superior to savage beasts.

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