Thursday, March 30, 2017

Idealism versus Realism.

If an idea is implemented by someone who is incompetent and operating on the basis of a bad plan, you cannot blame the idea immediately.  If someone utterly unskilled in home building builds a home that falls over, you cannot say that it is impossible to build a home. What is needed is competence, diligence, and a good plan, which is to say good ideas.

It is not idealistic to dream of a better world, but part of the dreaming must involve clear ideas of better. In my own view, a better world would involve the progressive reduction of trauma, anxiety, compulsion, and related psychological disorders. On all scales this would translate to more harmony, peace, and sustainable prosperity.

The reason all past utopian projects failed is that they depended on abstractions and not qualities of being, qualities of INDIVIDUAL emotional health and balance. For the Nazi the Nation was everything. For the Commies the STATE was everything. In both cases power was centralized because there were--and are--no good ideas which work on the individual level, and which can thus be freely spread and developed organically in complex local and extended orders.

But another way, they had no way to enlist human nature in the service of genuine social improvement and skilled use of freedom.

If however we retain a coherent understanding of individual psychological and thus moral improvement, then without the State doing ANYTHING, growth is inevitable, if enough people do nothing more than internalize the idea that growth is good for them and everyone they know.

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