Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I went to an outstanding concert tonight, and it occurred to me to posit the following logical chain: if music is an important part of life, and if life is worth living well, then good music is necessarily an important part of life.

One of the most basic foundational flaws of Islam that I can point to is its hostility to song and dance in any form.  Singing, playing music, and dancing are all activities which soothe us, which calm us, which tame the wild beasts within us.  They make society possible.  They facilitate the laughter and shared happiness which are the essence of communion, genuine goodwill, and the capacity for love.

Now, practically of course, many Muslims break this code.  They sing, they dance, they celebrate.  But the zealots hate all of that.  Their creed is one of meanness, cruelty, rigidity, death, and darkness.  There is nothing good they will bring to Europe.

Making everyone mean is of course good for the religious business, if the goal is expansion and control through agents of violence, but it is not good for peace or human well being, and certainly not for thriving.

I would add that shame is a basic tool which, when installed at a young age, makes social control much easier.  You inculcate through it both submissiveness, and fear of being different.

It is for this very purpose that shame is being so carefully cultivated in our own youth, in the form of the Original Sin of being born white or male or unapologetically heterosexual.  The indoctrinators want their propaganda targets to feel deep shame at their very existence.  And kids are so fucking desperate and stupid that they BUY this bullshit.  Amazing.

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