Tuesday, March 7, 2017

North Korea

I will admit to having had fantasies from time to time about a preemptive strike of some sort on North Korea.  Their people have been starving by the millions on a regular basis for over half a century, their leadership is insane, and their remaining people beaten and brutalized into pale shadows of what being human should mean.  They regularly threaten the region.  They have nothing to offer the world but mental disease and violence.

But then I remember that violence is almost always a bad solution.  It seems romantic to those who neither have to commit it nor suffer its consequences.  And North Korea has many ways of committing violence.

It has thus long seemed to me that the best approach would be something akin to buying out the senior leadership.  Give Kim Jung-Un a tropical island somewhere, and lifetime access to all the luxuries and amenities he cannot get in North Korea.  He likely has no idea at all what he is missing.  Provide him with women much more beautiful than he can get there.  Build him an amusement park, or race track, or whatever else pleases his fancy.

And keep our word.  Don't use it as a bait and switch.  Let him live out his natural life that way.  This basic method may come in handy more than once.

Think about it: how much do we spend annually on the troops in South Korea?  How much does South Korea spend in continual military readiness?

We could import enough food to feed the whole nation of North Korea for not much more, I would suspect, than we spend on the military.

And imagine the costs of rebuilding both the North, and likely large segments of the South, following a war, especially if nukes are used.  And how can we prevent at least nuclear artillery shells falling on Seoul?

This is where the TREASON which our intelligence agencies are committing with respect to Trump really come to matter in practical, immediate policy terms.  How can Trump negotiate with Kim Jung Un--and I really think it should happen leader to leader, as that is the only way a deal could be cut--when these mother fucking cunts are spying on the man they should be supporting, and leaking what they find out?

People need to be in jail.  Dozens at least, perhaps hundreds, and I would like to see it start with Brennan.  If he wants to start singing, and implicate Obama, so much the better.  Comey probably belongs in jail, too.  He OBVIOUSLY  needs to be fired.

Anyway, I'll end with two related precepts:

1) Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.  I think Isaac Asimov said that.

2) Violence is the last recourse of an exhausted mind.  Father of friend of mine from long ago, both of whom knew something about violence.

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