Thursday, March 2, 2017

Obamacare repeal

Rand Paul is absolutely right that the longer we delay, the less likely a full repeal is.  I think the situation is simple: it is a Gordian Knot, so cut it in half once, and decisively.

Rand Paul's free market ideas will work, and as far as all the people added to government rolls, give them 2--hell, 3, or 4, as long as it is a finite number--years to find something else, then end the subsidies.

Just simplify it that way.  Everything that started under Obamacare goes away in a fixed period of time.  Full Stop.  Put into place sane free market principles and policies and watch people's rates go down, and their coverage go up, along with the overall amount of healthcare available in this country, which has been declining for obvious reasons.

When did Republicans turn the tide, and start winning back seats nationally?  Since TWO THOUSAND TEN, which was the first election after Obamacare passed on a completely partisan basis.

This number of 1,000 net seats gained gets passed around, but it is ENTIRELY dependent--the motion towards Republicans everywhere in all governments--on Republicans acting like conservatives, and SPECIFICALLY their repealing Obamacare.

Remember 2006?  Democrats retook Congress.  Why?  Because we had a Republican Congress and a Republican President, and we may as well have had Barack Obama in the White House then, Ted Kennedy running the Senate, and Tip O'Neill running the House.  It was ludicrous.  It is a major miracle Obama was able to perform even worse.

But if Republicans even START going back to those days, their support will vanish in a whiff of smoke.  They have every possible support they could ever want.  Now is the time.  Fuck it up and there will be consequences.  There was no Tea Party then.  There is now, and we are paying attention.  Do not fail if you want to keep your jobs, especially in the House.

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