Saturday, March 4, 2017

Paul Ryan

I have grown to view Paul Ryan as contemptible.  He is in my view little better than Barack Obama.  Whatever credibility and personal integrity he signaled early on is gone.  There is nothing left but a will to cling to power.  He needs to be deposed and replaced.

His complete failure stands in stark contrast to Rand Paul, who continues to say the same words and fight for the same things he did when he first took office.

Fuck you Paul Ryan.  With friends like you, who needs enemies?

I am, obviously, very frustrated.  The shining light, the beacon of hope, though, is that Trump is still in charge, and there is no sign that will change.

Republicans still own Congress, and there will be a vote in 2 years to decide how many of this crop of crap Republicans get to keep their jobs in the House.

Part of the strategy of the Cultural Sadeists is to sow confusion and doubt.  I note that both of the articles I recently read on HuffPo and MSNBC did not allow comments.  8 years ago they LOVED comments.  They could rely on the usual people showing up and drowning out the few sane conservative voices who ventured into those dark places.

Now, all bets are off.  Virtually nothing is safe because far more of the nation than is obvious, and certainly far more than they will admit is WAKING THE FUCK UP.

And this is a waking up that cannot be reversed.  Once you realize these mother fuckers are lying through their teeth every day in support of policies that will hurt most Americans and enrich the people proposing them, you never trust them again.  There are no words which liars can say which will make sane people trust them again.

As much trouble as they continue to try to pretend Trump is in, the real existential threat to them is that this fucking pot may just boil over.  They are holding on to a few moderate people.  As much lying as they have done, as many stories as they have made up and CONTINUE to make up, there has to be a steady slide of people away from them.  Loyalty is built on trust and respect.  How can anyone respect people who lie as easily as they speak, about important things?

Yes of course they keep calling Trump the liar, but they have been doing that since he announced his candidacy, and he won the election, despite widespread cheating, despite continual attack by the media, despite being outspent by a third, and despite being wire-tapped by his opponents.

No matter what images they try to present, the REALITY has to be an on-going loss of trust on the part of a growing segment of Americans.

I know Trump has ordered an investigation into corruption, but regardless of the outcome, we need to rise to the standards of the rest of the world, which would include voter ID.

Obama Federalized the elections in the hope of using it as a method of attacking Trump.  I would say keep it Federal, but create a list of minimal standards all States have to meet in order to have their votes tallied on a national basis.

I continue to believe that Democrats cannot win any more national elections without cheating.  Eliminate cheating, and it becomes possible to have sane policy discussions again, from which the lunatics in their ranks can be excluded.  Don't kick them all out: just the fascist douchebags.

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