Thursday, March 30, 2017

Realism versus Cynicism

I must observe, admitting I am sometimes a bit comical unintentionally-/that I am often at my most productive intellectually when there is work to be done. My money making today will consist in climbing a ladder more or less continuously for the next four hours or so. It's good, well paid work, but I still know how tired my legs will be. They tree trunks, but they are also supporting a large tree.

Be that as it may, when I say seemingly cynical things , like "those who are already down get kicked the most", I am speaking from personal experience. I am speaking from my own life, and on the basis of not-inconsiderable erudition. Human society and human history are filled with horrors. Unspeakable acts are occurring at this very moment in hundreds of places in this world of billions.  To claim otherwise would be ludicrous and naive. And to be naive is, in the practical solution of real problems, to be on a continuum between useless and part of the problem.

But where a cynic would say THIS IS HOW LIFE IS, a realist would say "this is how life is NOW, in far too many places, but better is possible.

And who can deny this? Are we not better off in nearly all ways than we were 500 years ago?

Clearly, many bad ideas have been and continue to be presented as good ideas.  Socialism and the political tolerance of political intolerance come readily to the fore as obvious examples.

But what we have not tried yet is GOOD ideas combined with global technology. And who is to say this marriage is impossible? Not a realist, although he might view the odds as being as abysmal of those of the Patriots at the start of the 4th Quarter in the most recent Super Bowl, or that Donald Trump would beat Hillary.

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