Saturday, March 25, 2017


Even if Paul Ryan had passed his bad amendments to Obamacare, it still would have needed to pass in the Senate, and there is no sign that that would have happened.  Rand Paul, particularly, would have opposed it as diligently as he opposed Ryancare, which was not even technically his problem.

Ryancare/Obamacare Lite was not defeated from the Left.  The Democrats had nothing to do with it.  Rather, it was defeated by conservatives, from the right.  What this means is that something much better--something much closer to, or ideally identical to, the ideas I and Rand Paul have proposed--is possible.  It is obviously possible. It is plainly possible.

But only over Paul Ryan's dead body, which is to say, following a successful repeal and replacement of his tenure as Speaker of the House.  

Which makes me wonder: was the whole INTENT of this, of Trump's apparent support for it, getting rid of Ryan as Speaker, to make room for much more aggressive, much more audacious, much more APPROPRIATE legislation--given our troubles and the sundry and manifold assaults on our liberty and future prosperity?

On the one hand we read about Trump's "long game".  In the next headline, though, we read yet again about what an idiot he is, and how badly he is failing.  But here is the thing: over and over and over and over Trump has defied expectations.  Over and over and over he wins where he was expected to lose.  He triumphs where defeat seemed the only possibility.  Can anyone, now, really argue that all this is just luck and chance, and goshdarnit the next time he's really, really done?

I don't think so.  People do not get lucky over and over and over.  This takes talent, instinct, intelligence, and a PLAN.

Paul Ryan is the fly in the ointment.  Mitch McConnell has shown a long history and pattern of pragmatism, and he can be expected to move in the direction of politically expedient winds.  He is not the primary problem Trump faces right now, and in any event, getting him out would be much, much more difficult than Ryan.

It seems to me that this defeat signals the weakness of Ryan.  It is hard to see how someone like Steve Bannon could have ever signed on to Ryancare, and it seems likely he did not.  It may have been that Trump was publicly lobbying for the passage of Ryancare, and privately opposing it, either personally, or through intermediaries.

The failure to pass this bill looks like failure, not for Trump, but for Ryan, whose job it is to represent his constituents, which is to say House Republicans.  He is plainly continuing to fail to do that.  The Speaker is supposed to represent a consensus among his parties members.  He is supposed to represent the interests and policies of the majority of them, and Ryan clearly does not.

Given the CLEAR move to the right on the part of the entire country shown in the changes since 2008 in the composition of Congress and various State Houses and governorships, it seems obvious that Trump with a willing Congress can vitiate many of the assaults on our freedom, and bring under control the metastasizing cancer of uncontrolled growth in funding and power on the part of the Federal government, which were so hardily encouraged under the Obama debacle.

We read daily that it is Trump's WORST WEEK EVER.  He is really done this time.  There is no rising from the ashes.  End of the road.  Finito.  And yet, as he percipiently pointed out, he remains President, so obviously he did something right.

This will be a long, hard fought campaign.  But we have the troops in place to get things done.  Ryan is a General who needs to be replaced because he has forgotten who the enemy is, and lost his taste for struggle and battle.

We don't yet know, for sure, who the traitors are who are using our national intelligence apparatus to damage Trump--presumably in support of a totalitarian state--but we can be sure investigations are on-going, and that at some point heads will roll.

There is so much that needs to be fixed.  All of this will take time.  But in Trump we do have someone who GETS what the problems are.  I continue to believe this.

Ignore most of the media.  Most of them are fucking imbeciles when they are not outright bought and paid for.

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