Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The pattern

Data points.

1) Stephen Hawking says that a global government may be needed:

2) Stephen Hawking has been to Pedophile Island:

3) Russia says it has placed "mole" nuclear weapons off our coast or coasts:

This last prompted me to share on Facebook an idea I had a while back.  Logically, if nuclear explosives can be made smaller and smaller--and we are well into the era of nanotechnology even in the public domain--then at some point they can be fitted onto warheads which would fit on model rockets, or which could be carried by a small drone.

People who are stupid and obsessed with fighting the last war better, rather than the next war adequately, seem to have reduced their imaginations to the idea that smaller warheads simply means more warheads on a MIRV.  Add to that some zigging and zagging to avoid missile defenses, and you have the current state of the art.

But what if Russian (or other) submarines could launch small drones off the coasts, infiltrate small land vehicles, and drive them, eventually, to all our inland nuclear launch sites, or within a few miles of them.  What if some of these could burrow in to be undetectable until; activated by a small antenna which remains barely above the surface?

What if the still unexplained radiation which began in northern Norway, which shares a border with Russia in the north, is a series of delivery vehicles which are being staged to create instantaneous havoc across the continent in the event of war, in ways which could not possibly be stopped by any possible missile defense system?

Here are the thoughts which came to me.  There exists a global elite which wants a global government.  They don't believe in global warming because they are not stupid, but they do believe there are far too many people, that there are far too many moving parts, that deforestation, or oceanic disaster, or nuclear terrorism, or global pandemic, or who knows what makes it certain that a global disaster will happen at some point from which we may not recover.

The United States has been sufficiently indoctrinated that its people could be made to bend to a global government, or enough of them that the rest could be killed, locked up, or psychologically tortured into compliance in secret camps with Smiley Faces on the outside.

Europe.  Need I say more?  The rest of the world?  Please.

China, in this world view, would be the logical head of the global government, since they are already the most populous nation, and have already enslaved their people for over half a century.

Who is the fly in this ointment?  The unabashedly nationalist head of a once great but still formidable nation in the far north of the world. Putin no doubt saw Communism as it existed in the USSR as an extension of Russian nationalism.  And the people who now want global government are the very "capitalists" and power hungry oligarchs which the Communists once hated and fought, and who constituted the only real, valid, enemy that ever faced them.

Thus, any global government has to go through Russia, and the only way to take down Russia is a global war which destroys both the United States and Russia, in Mutual Assured Destruction.

Even before Trump got accused of working with the Russians, people were working behind the scenes to foment discord.  Mike Morrell seems to have killed Putin's chauffeur.  Hillary was openly talking policy which would have led to war with Russia.  Obama apparently threatened Putin over the Red Phone (note the spin in that duplicitous news coverage).  Obama sent Marines to Norway.  Putin sent a flotilla past Britain.

And the unrelenting anti-Russian coverage has continued.  It is certainly intended to try and marginalize Trump, but it is also intended to create the climate for hostilities with Russia.

I have been saying for several months now that OBVIOUSLY somebody wants war with Russia.  But how fucking stupid would that be?  We spent over half a century of the nuclear era trying to AVOID war with them, because of the absolutely catastrophic costs both sides would pay.  What has changed?  Nothing.

But the Russians continue to stand in the way.

And what if they WON a nuclear war with the United States?  Would the power elite then, as they climb out of their bunkers, have created the possibility of a global government?  No.  It would still be a divided world, and frankly I would bet on the Russians against the Chinese.  It would be very important for these plans that Russia, for all intents and purposes, be destroyed.

For my part, I think Stephen Hawking, as awful as it is to say, is part of all this.  I think many people you would think beyond such considerations have in fact bought in.  It is much like the movie The Kingsmen, where the corruption is so vast it is nearly beyond belief.  They buy the idea that human beings are a virus on the Earth, and that our destiny is to either kill the host, or be killed in numbers sufficient for regeneration.

For my own part, I continue to believe people are not fucking lunatics.  It is an astonishing fact that these elites have sought not to make people smarter--and thus better able to make and support wise decisions--but rather stupider, and thus more susceptible to propaganda and bad ideas.

Thus, even if the Russians have developed these technologies, we should welcome them, because they make the risk of war on our side so much higher that it becomes much more unlikely, especially with Trump in the White House.  For his part, it's hard to see why Putin would want to destroy his oil and natural gas markets, or global trading partners, unless forced to.

I do believe that if Hillary had won the plan was to use the wiretaps on Trump to charge him with treason, arrest him, and at least discredit him, and ideally imprison him.  If it was Hillary's AG doing the work--much of the details of which would have been kept from the public because "national security"--that would have likely happened.  The war drums would have beat relentlessly, we would have had military battles in Syria, and who the fuck knows what would have happened.

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