Thursday, March 2, 2017


I've been watching some of the many videos on YouTube about the evidence for a lost civilization that was wiped out in some massive cataclysm about 12,000 years ago.

With regard specifically to a wall built in Peru or Bolivia that they could not explain--the rocks in many cases are so hard they could only be cut with diamond tools, and are cut in many cases with such precision that in the modern era it could only be done with precision machines, and given their many ton size, even that would present considerable logistical challenges--I had a vision.  I allow my inner world fairly free rein, and thought I might share what came to me.

One of these walls was built by three brothers in the course of a week or two.  They possessed an ability to liberate or activate the space within the boulders, both to make them relatively weightless, and to allow them to be molded like marshmallows.  One brother made them weightless, one carried them, and one fit them into the wall.  It is not that the found conforming rocks and cut them, but that they used any available rocks and just squeezed them in.

They were quite funny.  They were very carefree, and joked continually.  And the wall was built not as a structure to live in, but as a way of altering the subtle energy flow in the area.  When they were done, they sat for a very long time, perhaps days, perhaps weeks, soaking in the energy, feeling its flow, and it nourished them the way food normally would.

This whole notion of activating space I have pondered.  All matter is mostly space.  This is simple scientific fact.  It is 99% plus space.  What appears solid is constituted with these little tiny bits that are just tiny, infinitesimal specks in the overall thing.  In a typical atom, if you have a golf ball sized nucleus at the fifty yard line in a football stadium, the electrons are somewhere in the upper bleachers, and perhaps marble sized.  This is my rough recollection.

Now, we also know space is never empty.  There is an oceanic, essentially infinite energy source all around us called the Zero Point Field, or Quantum Vacuum. Activating this would be activating space.

And when I ponder this, I wonder what gravity really works on, and why it is so strong.

We continue to not understand gravity, but obviously it is related to the creation of Mass.  This is an interesting thought: does the mass exist prior to the gravitational interaction?

Without being able to understand the math--I have only had very basic Calculus--I recall reading somebody derived Newton's F=MA by integrating the Zero Point Field.  This equation has always simply been posited.  It was not supposed to be derivable.

Most of the interesting work in the 21st century will, in my view, take into account the Quantum Vacuum.

And I did want to follow up on a previous post: if Abstraction is the modern equivalent of ritual sacrifice, then the ultimate avatar of Abstraction--a violent, anti-life process, even if it allows us to build things--is Artificial Intelligence.  The underlying emotional drive motivating those who obsess over this technology is in my view self loathing.  There is no need for this technology, which is obviously very dangerous, and could lead to the end of at least human life on Earth.  There are many possible Apocalypses.  Why build any?

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