Saturday, April 1, 2017


I see that some one hundred or more art house theaters are screening 1984 this coming Tuesday, in protest, as they say, of the assaults on free speech constituted by the Federal Government cutting public support for private art projects.

I read many things that make my head hurt, but conflating the defunding of what has for decades amounted to left wing propaganda, with actual restrictions on speech--of the sort, oh, I don't know, which AmerSoc is inflicting on college campuses and on city streets daily in the name of free speech--is completely imbecilic, intellectually half baked, emotionally stunted, and profoundly delusional and dangerous.

How do left wingers reach a point of such complete intellectual depravity that they are able to view anyone but themselves as the originators and supporters of the ideas of tyranny and totalitarian conformity which are presented in the book and movie?

We want smaller government.  They want larger government.  Do the math.

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