Sunday, April 2, 2017

A good life

I was watching a video on a man who has aged to 109 beautifully. And what struck me is that he has numerous things throughout the day and week that he likes and which make him happy.  He likes to smoke cigars. They make him feel good.  He likes soup.  He likes to drive.  He likes to go to church.  There are a number of small, controllable things that bring him comfort and small pleasures.

Over and above the wisdom of this, I suspect small things which make us happy also enable us to live longer.

Spring flowers do not last forever.  Enjoy them when they are at their peak.  It is beautiful around here right now.  And eat cookies and candy from time to time.  I suspect the stress of orthrexia is more damaging over time than the shortfalls of the pretty close approach.

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