Sunday, April 16, 2017


It occurs to me that two dead people are more equal than any two living people can be made, if we do not ask what the  POINT of equality is.  Free to what?  Why?

Even if we get everybody at the same spot on the same line, some are naturally faster than others.  If the goal is to tear them down, to thwart them, to prevent them from demonstrating natural or social superiorities in talent and/or drive, then, again, what is the point?  Of what value a life where nothing matters but life, and equality?

Since the people articulating these lunatic creeds are not speaking from places of humanity, from their hearts, from any felt connection to the human condition, from any real sense of compassion, or even capacity for empathy, they have no answers, because these are simply not questions that interest them.

When one looks at the Fascists who claim to be fighting Fascists, the degree of disconnection from the whole of humanity and from obvious social realities, is such that they really become not people who think differently, but an example of psychosocial pathology which warrants explanation.

How, we can ask, in conditions of freedom, have Soviet Union levels of absolute brainwashing been achieved?  My personal opinion is that the long term Communist strategy of dehumanizing all of us, of tearing us from our roots, from groundedness, from belongingness not connected to economic factors, has had the effect of creating a whole generation of radically Other Directed people, who by the nature of their predicament MUST seek out and imbibe propaganda.  They need it like junkies need drugs.

It is quite a feat that has been achieved.  But for what?  It is no secret of history that murderous lunatics can be operationally and socially clever.  Should one admire the serial torturer, rapist, and killer who is never caught?  Research seems to show they all eventually commit suicide anyway, because they live their lives in hell.  There is not, and never can be, anything beautiful in violence.  It is sometimes needed, but far too many people, in denying this, bring it out anyway in the wrong ways and wrong places, and have no principled means for self correction or moderation.

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