Tuesday, April 18, 2017


As a sort of way of sewing myself to the path of persistence, I had "Don't whine/Don't complain/Don't make excuses/Never quit" tattoed on my arm, or at least the abbreviations, some ten years ago.  It is 3/4's John Wooden's father, whose name I really should find out.  John Wooden did not spring like Athena from the forehead of the God of Basketball.

In reality, these were always distant targets I shot for not enough, and missed regularly when I did.

But slowly I am rounding a corner, and have determined that I need to define these terms for myself.  What do I mean?  This is part of my creed, one I chose freely from many possibilities.

This will be a project over the next week or two.  What I mean is in part who I am.

Do you wonder who you are?  Pick a direction, travel it, and see how you feel.  Repeat until your heart meets your will, and there you will likely find peace and success.

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