Monday, April 24, 2017


Given that the Constitution declares that Congress shall have the power to declare war, I have been wondering what options Trump might have in dealing with North Korea.  To some extent, the original Korean War never ended; this is why we have stationed troops there for over 60 years.

Obviously, it would seem stupid to put declaring war to a vote publicly in Congress, since North Korea would then likely launch a nuclear strike against at least South Korea. They have no hope of winning a war, of course, but they very much have the power to create a lot of pointless destruction, which is to say, to export what they produce internally as a matter of long term policy.

I had wondered if Trump could call each Congressperson and record their response as a de facto vote for war, so that he could prove he had "Congressional Authorization" without putting the whole thing to a public debate.  For that exercise, he would only need to involve enough people to get a majority.  Obviously, we have many traitors in Congress who have never met an American enemy or tyrant of their sort they didn't like, so leaks would be inevitable if too many people were involved.

But inviting the Senate to the White House?  Perhaps this is brilliance.  He could get a vote taken there, and claim that he upheld the Constitution while also making sure there were not leaks which would get people killed.  Hell, he could order the attack before they left the building.  The Senate is not the entire Congress, but it is by general legal and historic consensus the most important legislative body in the country.  The House was to be the home of rabble-rousers and lunatics like Maxine Waters.  She belongs there.  But the Senate, which in its name implies age, experience, and wisdom, was to be the most consequential body.

We have no obvious good options with North Korea.  Kim Jung Un is young, bellicose, utterly convinced by the sycophants around him that he is invincible, and apparently fully dedicated to building nuclear missiles which can deliver the nuclear warheads he keeps threatening surrounding nations--most recently Australia--with.

I have proposed building a Disneyland or whores paradise, or Shangri-La or whatever floats his boat, but it seems likely he is a grandiose sociopath who is utterly convinced of his military superiority.  I have proposed inviting some of his commanders to see the full array of weaponry arrayed against them.  He obviously could decline this offer, and our own commanders, for understandable reasons, could refuse to cooperate, or at least strongly advise against it.

The core truth about North Korea, though, is that every indication is that at some point he likely will launch a nuclear weapon at an innocent nation, and perhaps do so with no warning or provocation.  This is the height of recklessness, but a clear and very present danger to the United States, Japan, and many other nations.

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