Saturday, April 15, 2017

Issues of the moment

1. Bill O'Reilly.  From a business perspective, the only argument that could be made for firing the top rated member of your network would be if he was going to start costing you money.  That seems very unlikely.  Whatever is alleged to have happened has already happened, and will be duly investigated by the State.  Their findings will be the same whether O'Reilly stays or goes, as will his and Fox News liability.

More generally, it should be obvious that as a top rated conservative, all the witch hunters on the planet have him in their sights.  The Left doesn't debate because it can't.  Their ideas and the outcomes based on their ideas, are uniformly horrible.  They seek to silence and intimidate those who will not agree to their lunacy.  For that reason alone--EVEN IF he is guilty--he should stay.  We need him.

And in the hypocrisy department, was there ever any doubt that Bill Clinton not just serially harassed women but routinely committed acts of sexual aggression up to and including rape?  Where was and where IS the Left on all that?  They don't care about it.  They don't care about women.  They don't care about human beings.  All they care about is expressing their obsessions in the public domain, no matter the human cost in suffering and misery.

2. Sean Spicer.  Spicer was right.  Hitler never used chemical weapons in his conflicts with foreign enemies, even though Germany easily could have.  The Holocaust was not a a civil war.  The Jews, with only extremely rare exceptions, never shot back.

This whole tempest in a teacup, again, has to be contextualized within the general environment which seeks to make of EVERYTHING Trump or anyone connected to him does a horrific and willful crime, which this time will FINALLY cause his supporters to cease supporting him.

What this mindset fails to feel in the air is that Trump is not so much loved as the Left--and its use of tactics JUST LIKE THIS--is hated.  We hate those abusive, cynical, evil mother fuckers with every fucking ounce of patriotic loyalty and pride we can muster.  There can only be small swings a few points one way or the other.  The vast majority of us see Trump as the last possible line of active defense and counterattack.  That won't change.

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