Friday, April 14, 2017

Kum Nye versus Plato

I will have to ponder whether or not I am grossly oversimplifying, but I think it could in any event be argued that the Western tradition rests on the idea that all important truths can be spoken.  This would seem to be the claim implicit in Plato, where the examined life--which is the proper life--is in large measure a conversational life based upon the use of reason.

This makes Wittgenstein's dictum "Worueber mann nicht sprechen kann, darueber muss man schweigen" a de facto demolition of the Western tradition, and it would seem that in practical cultural terms, this is exactly what has happened.  Moral valuation as a consistent process grounded, at least in theory, in the use of analytical reason based upon clearly articulated principles is gone.  It is dead.  You have people condemning Fascism using Fascist tactics, and embodying the Fascist mindset and cultural and sociological gestalt of radical Other direction and authoritarianism.  This cannot be pointed out within the system, because the system admits no principles.

But if we make the simple alteration that philosophy proceeds from Truth, which is embodied in our sense of self as consciously experienced in, say, a Kum Nye practice, then it recovers.  Truth is ineffable, inexpressible, but what comes FROM Truth IS expressible.

Put another way, most of the time what is to be done is obvious.  It is intuitively and instinctually obvious, but the obvious needs defense in our modern world, where abstraction from abstraction--the use of bad reasoning to destroy good reasoning, which includes the destruction of those categories--has led most of our thought leaders into full dissociation from their bodies, from their intuitive selves, from their basic natural impulses which alone can cause them to feel real and their lives genuinely worth living on a deep level.

Our system persists only because economic success has made emotional superficiality on a long term basis possible.  Our griefs can be managed, and in no small measure medicated.  Distractions and distractions from the distractions have proliferated everywhere and become a vastly important part of our economic life.

But how many Americans can sit in silence for an hour in tranquility?

All of our problems can be solved, but we must first decide that we want to solve them, and that humanity is worth saving. Their hyperventilations to the contrary, I think most Leftists long for death.  They conflate their personal selves with the collective, and they want release from their interminable and--within their world view--insoluble problems.

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