Friday, April 21, 2017


It came to me today that a good life is continually throwing off sparks: sparks of happiness, of creative insight, of originality of mood and behavior.

And I was sitting, contemplating loneliness and its alternative, emotional satiety, and it hit me that a happy spirit, one who has contacted the roots of life, is like a fountain, continually flowing outward in all directions.

The opposite of this is someone who is always leaning, leaning on people, on ideas, on distractions, on jokes, on drugs, on alcohol, on cruelty, on work, on a fixed identity which is absolutely rigid.

People who need each other can never see each other as they are.  There is no distance possible when both are leaning into each other for support.  Someone who says to another "I can't imagine life without you" is, perhaps, really saying "I will never fully understand you."

I have flickers of really interesting emotions cross my field of awareness sometimes, and I had a lot of them today.  It's becoming a better and better thing to be me.  God knows its been pretty shitty for a very long time.

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