Tuesday, April 18, 2017

North Korea

In any way, especially in the modern era, there are more variables than can be accounted for by even the best mind.  It is always best to avoid war, but at the same time I cannot see us standing by idly watching as a man who has nuclear weapons works continually to develop the means to deliver them, all while threatening nuclear war.

It seems to me one major barrier to peace is Kim Jung Un's complete ignorance as to our ACTUAL military capability.  Perhaps we should invite one of his senior officers on a tour of our battle fleet, of our actual supplies of weapons and munitions, and allow him to film significant portions of them.

Perhaps we could bring them to the United States to see how we ACTUALLY live, versus what their propaganda teaches them.

And I continue to believe that Kim Jung Un has ZERO idea how much luxury and pleasantness we would be willing to shower on him for abdicating what amounts to his throne and opening North Korea to foreign goods and investment.  People could operate sweatshops paying close to nothing there and their people would be still be MUCH better off than they are now.  Hunger is a regular feature of their lives, as is sudden death from political activism, which could amount to no more than saying publicly "I'm hungry".

I have said this before, but building a Disneyland for Kim Jung Un on some uninhabited island in the South Pacific--in paradise--would still be cheaper than war.  It may have been his father obsessed with Disneyland, but he likely has his equivalent.  There is likely something he craves that he simply can't get where he is.

South Korea, which is our ally, is prosperous.  North Korea could be too, if only he would relent and allow his people their freedom.

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