Thursday, April 13, 2017

Project Gaia

Most "intellectuals" (morally reprobate half-wits with degrees from prestigious schools) today seek global peace and harmony through centralized government.

Why not, I was wondering today, seek global peace through what we might term centralized, or global, IDEAS?  The Greeks already took such a project a long way.

Why not develop a plan, embraced by all of humanity, to decentralized the world, while slowly reducing global populations in a steady but continuous way, making for less people competing for resources we can harvest more efficiently with better technology?

Central governments are the tool of war.  They have always been the tool of war.  But there are no aliens attacking us, although I'm sure many globalists wish there were, and watch wistfully movies portraying global attacks.

We know, scientifically, that psi exists, and that we are all connected.  We know that our spirits survive the death of our brains.  All of these facts can be integrated into a global vision which will serve the purpose of religion better, and to which countless interesting myths--understood as lies which are true--can be appended.

Why not think big?  Why not assume that the survival of the human race in conditions of dignity is not just possible, but extremely realistic?

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