Monday, April 3, 2017

The demonic

Last night, I think for the second time, but I really can't remember, I had some turbulent force erupt 1' from my face, in one of those dreams where you are more or less awake, and awake instantly when it is done.  I just watched and felt it.  My capacity for fear itself seems to be slowly fading.  You can only have so many bad nights before some fatalistic part kicks in, and I am hoping that is soon.

But the energy got me to thinking this morning.  The demonic is everything a properly socialized, intrapsychically healthy individual is not.  One acronym I have introduced in the past that I got from Dan Siegel is FACES, which is flexible, adaptable, coherent, energized and stable.

I would invert all but one of these for the demonic to inflexible, controlling, chaotic, and completely unstable.  The one I would keep is energized.  In fact, I would make the energy completely compulsive.

Thus, a demonic person is one who needs to control others because they are inflexible, and who need that power because what they are asking for, what they need, varies continually, all in a context of hyperarousal, fear, and furious energy.  A whirlwind.  That is what I felt.

Once again, I will channel my own inner pedant and point out that this describes the Left.  It is not that they want concrete things--actual amelioration of any human conditions, for example--but a channel for the expression for incoherent and destructive energy.  It is demonic, as I continue to say regularly.

As for me, I will add as a goal something the 109 year old also said, which is that he would sleep just fine with all his doors unlocked.  He was not afraid to die, and figured when it was his time, it was his time.  I'm not going to go to that length--I haven't lived a century after all, although I suspect he's been like that most of his life--but it is worth asking the question: what do we LOSE through continual thought about and preparation for the worst?

I have seen demons.  They did not hurt me.

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