Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Flynn controversy

I was watching CNN at lunch. I can take it in small doses with the volume turned all the way down.

And it occurs to me that where this manufactured controversy--dependent entirely on journalistic errors of both commission (lies) and omission--is certain to be regarded with resentment and anger is among career military and particularly officers, and particularly high ranking officers.

Flynn is a decorated combat veteran who served his country faithfully--so faithfully, in fact, that Obama canned him for trying to do his job with integrity and competence--for 30 years.

Now the fucking Democrats--who plot treason nightly in their beds in lieu of counting sheep--are trying to string him up in a political lynching that has nothing to do with integrity, protecting America, the rule of law, or anything but naked political opportunism which seeks to ruin him for short term gain, then forget about him, his sacrifices, and the truth as they move onto the next political hit job.

All of this obvious to people who think, and particularly to those who could easily see what is being done to him being done to them.

It has become obvious that we have anti-American moles throughout our government, but anyone who wants single party rule HAS to have the support of the military, and the Democrats seemingly cannot get their fill of insulting, belittling, undermining and attacking them.

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