Sunday, April 2, 2017

The silent civil war

Was John Brennan the "high level" leaker?

We need to be clear: the allegations supported by evidence are that the CIA attempted to either throw the election to Hillary, or to at a minimum delegitimize--which is to say destabilize, which is something they have long experience doing in OTHER nations--Trumps government.

That is huge.  A large, well funded agency with many decades of experience in covert operations has turned rogue, seemingly from the top down, and it working AGAINST American democracy, not for it, which is its mandate.  An agency founded to FIGHT Communism was seemingly being run until recently (I don't know if Brennan has yet stepped down) BY a Communist. I continue to fail to see how anyone capable of voting Communist in 1976 would ever fully change their mind.

One other point that hit me the moment I woke up this morning: all parties involved know that most electronic communication is vulnerable.  As Trump pointed out, the only secure communication is courier.

Connect that dot with the fact that Obama and his intellectually mangled and profoundly ugly handler Valerie Jarrett chose to remain with walking distance of many of the seats of power.  Could they not from there play an old fashioned spy game of sending and delivering messages, and even old school stuff like dead drops, microdots and the like?

If I were Trump, given that Obama has vowed to work to vitiate the results of a fair election which no one has seriously suggested was interfered with in any substantive way, I would surveill him.  I would watch who comes and goes, particularly.

I will wonder out loud if John Brennan--who we can all safely assume is highly intelligent in ways neither Obama nor Jarrett are--is wondering why the fuck he ever allied with them in the first place.  That was a dangerous and in the event stupid bet, or that seems to be how it is trending.

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