Thursday, April 13, 2017

Toxic Feminity

As a general rule, men are physically stronger than women, and generally more aggressive.  They are usually less emotionally intelligent, and particularly less socially sensitive, for both good and bad: good, in that their feelings rarely get hurt in normal circumstances, bad in that nuance flies right by most of us.

But it is wrong to infer from the fact that men can rape and beat women either that women are helpless, or that they are not capable of horrific cruelty.

On the contrary, from petty bitchiness to outright psychosis transmitted through children, women are if anything more dangerous than men.  I would stipulate, in fact, as a general rule, that the most violent, fucked up men, had the most insidious and silently or overtly cruel mothers.  Men who are mistreated by their fathers take it out on other men.  Men who have been psychologically raped by mothers take it out on women, then get blamed for "toxic masculinity".

I was reading that some group of lunatic women somewhere finds biological boys inherently objectionable, so, presumably, they plan to torture such children in ways which make happiness for these poor souls absolutely impossible.

Where I think we need to be clear is that CRUELTY is what psychologically normal people object to, and normal people object to it in all forms.  They object when someone kicks a dog, and they object when some deluded bitch tries to bring up a boy as a girl.

And to take a more general tack, the reason racism is wrong is that it facilitates cruelty against other human being by providing an ideological justification.  It begins as an attitude, but all dehumanizations of others begin as a form of social violence, and end in actual violence.

Thus some forms of advanced--let us call it Stage 4--feminism treat men as less than human.  They prescribe cruelty.  They prescribe denigration, humiliation, punishment, not for specific crimes, but for crimes of birth, of being the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is ludicrous.

There clearly is a feminine nature, which is nurturing, compassionate, caring, and warm.  There is a masculine nature, which is daring, aggressive, curious, and highly protective.

It may be--I think it clearly is--the case that human advancement will involve better integration by both sexes of the best attributes of the other, but the pathway is THROUGH what already is, what is already given.

To deny what is given, what is there, is violence.  It is violence of the sort which permeated all the countless crimes of those robotic regimes run by the Communists.

To doubt who you are is to become a robot, and we have become a world filled with robots.

All this is a sketch based on some of the text from Allan Bloom I listened to today.  Some of it is mine, much of it is my interpretation of him.

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