Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Would it have been better for Trump to fire Comey day one, as many expected, or for him to wait, to allow some testimony to happen, to give him a chance to vindicate himself, and THEN fire him?  Is the latter option not more professional, more fair?

And if the Democrats don't want to let this Russian thing simply fade away as the puff of smoke it is, why not start taking seriously the investigation of and prosecution of Obama and Hillary, both of whom have committed ACTUAL crimes, not the made up ones?

The history of this whole thing, as I understand it, is that one of the Baltic States cooked up some flimsy and evidence free bullshit against Trump.  The British ran with it.  Obama got wind of it, and used it as a pretexts to eavesdrop on an unknown number of people around Trump and including Trump, during the Presidential campaign, and afterwards.

The news media, since, being utterly unable to process the degree of irrelevance their continual lying has relegated them to, continues to insist with no evidence that "The Russians" somehow cost their Dear Leader the election.  The whole things is ludicrous.

But, again, if they want to play fucking games while living in a glass house, I say Game On.

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