Friday, May 26, 2017


As I have pointed out to the point of tedium, National Socialism, and actual Fascism, both spring from utopian impulses.  This makes them Leftist projects.

True conservatism, "rightism", is the process of valuing and where necessary returning to the old. In France, from whose revolutionary "Assembly" we get the term "rightist", it implied Monarchism.  There had been a king, the king was overthrown and killed, and they wanted--and got--one back.  This is conservatism.

NOTHING that contains the word "new" can be called "rightist".  Yes, Hitler through and with Wagner invoked the old Germanic myths, but they had not been present when he came into the world, and they can't possibly have meant exactly to old German tribes what he made them mean in his modern Germany.

His Aryan--which is a Sanskrit word--was the result of philological study which indicated it was POSSIBLE that his neck of the woods was the original homeland of those tribes who became the creators of the Sanskritic, Greek, and Latin traditions and cultures.  They were the Urheim, in other words, of most of the best ideas of the world.  This was his myth, his claim.

It is astonishing to me that in a world where we are being told gender specific pronouns are wrong, that concepts of gender dating back to the first births of human consciousness--being based, as they are, on measurable differences in brain structure and of course biology--need to be discarded, and that all received views of our common culture are outdated and harmful, that those who seek to preserve some connection with our past would be conflated with the utopian projects of the Nazis.

That this is propaganda is obvious.  That the author does not see this is equally obvious.

I wonder sometimes about what I am beginning to think of as "the mind in the air conditioned world", which is so soft that it sees almost nothing, all while spewing words like a waterfall of acid.  So many are unconnected with the world, with reality, with common humanity, which is not common to them at all.

So many, so active on the stage of public affairs, are Sophists, while believing they are scientists.  Nothing to them is true, which makes their words the only truth they care about.

It is scary, and very hard for me to comprehend.  I have said to people often: I do not know how you function with your brain in such a small box.

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