Thursday, May 25, 2017


Their motto is "anybody but us".

Unanswered, because unanswerable in a formally post-rational context, is the question: has human civilization advanced in the last 1,500 years?  If not, then Muslims following their religion scrupulously--and the rules are set out VERY clearly and are not supposed to change, ever, for any reason, until the end of time, at least formally--are no different than those who believe in universal human rights, the importance of an accountable government, and the value of political and moral freedom.

The man who beats his wife for disobedience--or even to prevent it in the first place--is EXACTLY equal to the children marching in the streets for his right to do so.

The man who participates in a gang rape of an infidel woman, as he sees it, is EXACTLY equal to a feminist who argues for women's rights.

There is no difference, because where no morality exists, no progress is possible, and no basis for judgment exists.

It is a short step from here, to labeling residual efforts at morality "false consciousness", and then formally embracing evil as a creed, as all hard core Leftists--what I call Cultural Sadeists--tacitly and not infrequently explicitly, do.

All of this is only made possible by bad ideas, advanced by mental and emotional defectives, and amplified by well funded sociopaths.

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