Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sybaritic Leftism

When people react not with rage and anger to the purposeful, planned murder of innocents--murders called for publicly by people known to the government, and supported by large numbers of the Muslim community--but with calls for "love", and "can't we all just get along", then these are the people I identify as nice but useless.  They are also on the path to evil.

I talked about these things about 7 years ago in this piece:

As I said, the main problem is not primarily that people choose the decadence implied in asking the government to take the risk of living out of their lives, but that such people have no means of defending their system from those who want to crash and destroy it.  They can't even bring themselves to stop bringing such people into their countries.  The whole thing is ludicrous, and based on emotional weakness, and sloppy thinking--thinking which in important respects rests on the ideas of humans as finite animals in an infinite universe, one in which everything comes to nought, no matter how hard we try.

Ideas have consequences.  This is why serious people have to honestly question their own first assumptions, particularly when it is OBVIOUS that they are emotionally rooted.

There are no atheists out there who consistently reconcile their positions with the best data available.  This is impossible, because the best data implies some form of theism, and requires of anyone honestly committed to the scientific method at least agnosticism.

No: it is a belief system, one which, once adopted, becomes prey to the same Confirmation Biases they can see in everyone but themselves.  What makes it impossible to escape is that they conflate their dishonesty with honest science.  Atheism then becomes not a scientifically defensible position based on science, but becomes SCIENCE itself, and all dissent inherently ignorant and psychologically rooted.

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